• GIS (GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM) is a system designed to obtain, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present spatial or geographic data.

  •  As a subsidiary of Land Measurements "Topographic Engineering" studies the topographic methods associated with the development of topographic plans and proper documentation necessary for the design of industrial/civil/ agricultural/forestry/ mining, etc., buildings.

  • Geodesy is the science of accurately measuring and understanding Earth's geometric shape, orientation in space, and gravitational field.

  • This type of activity is required when a real estate owned by private or state property serves public utility (roads, highways, railways, dikes, canals). The expropriated landlords will receive compensation for the land or buildings they are about to lease.

  • Origins - Cadastre has its origins in antiquity, and its main object was to establish the limits of the land properties for a better fiscal record.

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