Origins - Cadastre has its origins in antiquity, and its main object was to establish the limits of the land properties for a better fiscal record.

Definition - Cadastre is a unitary and mandatory system of the technical, legal, and economic records of all the buildings on an administrative territory.

Importance -  Cadastre is an essential tool for the market economy because it presents the essential documents necessary for transactions conducted on the real estate market. It also provides real data on real estate (position, size, use, owner) that are essential in sustainable development and environmental protection.

Procedure description 

  • Identify, measure, describe, and register the real estate in the technical documents.  
  • Identifying all the owners of the real estate, to register them in the land book;
  • Publicly display the results obtained after executing the systematic cadastre, rectify the errors reported by the owners, and releasing the new land books.

  • Cadastre Projects

    Proiecte cadastru Geoter Mirosi Caldararu Lunca Corbului Ilva Mica Albota Izvoru Recea Harsesti Buzoesti Barla Tatarastii de sus Topoloveni

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